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16/02/2018 20:14
European Legal Commission work on latest Volleyball challenges
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Luxembourg, February 16, 2018. The members of the European Legal Commission (ELC) convened on Friday in Luxembourg City for their annual plenary meeting to provide the CEV with their legal expertise on several and equally important topics.

Among a number of items on the agenda, the ELC members discussed and analysed together the current legal framework on many issues, including some sensitive ones, such as personal data protection and gender verification process.

On Friday before noon, the President of the Small Countries Division (SCD) and CEV Vice President, Ms Margaret Ann Fleming and the SCD Secretary General Patrick Murphy joined the meeting as well as the ELC were working on a clarification of the current SCD status. After productive talks, it was possible to agree on how to make the SCDs statutes easier to understand, clearer for all stakeholders and in line with the vision of the CEV leadership.

A group picture with members of the European Medical and Legal Commissions taken following their joint session on Friday

The ELC also had the opportunity to work together with the European Medical Commission (EMC) on some issues of common interest as the EMC had their annual plenary meeting on Friday as well (see here). At the joint meeting, the respective members raised and discussed delicate but relevant topics such as liability of minor players for doping offences and gender verification guidelines for transgender players. All the participants highly appreciated this kind of cooperation as it provided an opportunity to analyse these items from different points of view, to combine legal and medical expertise and to reach a consensus on such topics.

Personal data protection and the relevant European Union regulations were another extremely important item discussed by the ELC members on Friday. Recommendations were made to emphasise the importance of these requirements and of their implementation through the 56 member National Federations.

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