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28/11/2017 12:57
UVT Agroland TIMISOARA join #orangetheworld campaign
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Timisoara, Romania, November 28, 2017. UVT Agroland TIMISOARA shared the core message of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women as shortly before the game against C.S.M. TARGOVISTE in the first division of the Romanian national league their players wore orange t-shirts with custom call-to-action messages (#orangetheworld, #16days) to convey the importance of this annual campaign.

Furthermore, all players decided to use special frame effects on their Facebook profile picture, displaying the message “Together, we end violence against women.”

Middle blocker Andrea Lakovic wrote on her Facebook page:

“STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN!!! By turning your head to the other side, you become complicit. The campaign #16days #16daysofactivism #orangetheworld started by marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. It is not a problem that we live in the ‘male’ world, but in a world where violence is taking place and where men feel their wife is “registered” and their property. When the music in the neighbourhood is loud, we call the communal police, but when we hear a woman cries because someone is beating her up, then we turn up the music so we do not hear her. That’s how we are taught, because we live in a society that supports violence. The goal of this action is to remind ALL OF US, regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality or any other affiliation, that violence against women and girls is NOT ALLOWED and that it is NOT to be tolerated!"

Until December 10, the day when the #16days campaign ends, the players of UVT Agroland TIMISOARA will wear the same orange t-shirts before every game they contest.

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