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08/11/2017 21:03
Getting to know – Maggie Speaks
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Athens, Greece, November 8, 2017. Maggie Speaks has spent the last three months in Greece playing for Makedones Axiou THESSALONIKI. She is playing for the first time abroad – and enjoying the experience in Greece with the club as well as with her teammates. The American setter has proven herself a valuable addition to the roster of the team from Greece’s second-largest city, as Makedones currently sit in second place in the standing of the national league after completion of three rounds.

You have been in Greece for almost three months now. What are your thoughts about Greece and Thessaloniki?

Greece is beautiful! The people here are very passionate and welcoming. Thessaloniki is an awesome city with amazing views and lots of great food and shops.

Do you like your staying in Greece? What is the best place to visit?
So far, my stay in Greece has been good. We have not been able to visit very many places because of our busy Volleyball schedule, but I really liked Alexandroupoli. However, I cannot wait to visit Athens and Santorini!

What do you like to do in your free time?

It depends on how tired I am. Sometimes, I just love to lay in bed and watch Netflix. Usually, when we have enough time, we will go into the city and try different foods and restaurants we have read about.

What is your favourite food in Greece?

So far, I have been able to eat lots of really, really good food, but I think my go-to favourite would have to be the gyro!

What are your personal goals in Volleyball? What made you play Volleyball?

I started playing Volleyball when I was younger because I was always the “tall girl”. Until I started playing Volleyball in the sixth grade, basketball had always been my favourite sport, but after a while, Volleyball took its place. I want to play at the highest level possible. I know it will take lots of hard work and time, but I strive to compete and play with the best players in the world.

What made you come to Europe and Greece?

Since there is no professional Volleyball in the United States, players wishing to pursue a professional career in Volleyball have to go outside of the US. I chose Europe/Greece because my agent told me that Makedones is a good team with a passionate and eager coach that wants to win.

Are you enjoy playing with Makedones?

I really enjoy playing with Makedones. I think we have a team that has great chemistry, and we are getting better each week. We also have great coaches that challenge us and push us to reach the great potential that I know we have.

Who is your best friend in the team?

If I HAVE to name a best friend on the team, it would be Kierra Holst. Being the only other American on the team, as well as my roommate, we spend a lot of time together. It has been great having her help me through my rookie season. However, I really love all of my teammates, and I think we all get along really well.

Tell us about your cooperation with Holst. How important is it for you that you are from the same country?

It has been great having another American on the team with me. Since this is my first professional season and first time living outside of the United States, there are many things that have been made easier for me by having her here. It also helps to have a teammate who speaks the same language. I also think our personalities really balance each other out on and off the court.

What is your opinion about the Greek women’s league?

Honestly, I do not know much about many of the teams in the league. Obviously, everyone knows Olympiacos and we know that they have a very high-level team. I also believe there are other high-level teams in the championship, including Makedones. I believe that any team can be defeated, and I believe that we have the potential to beat any team in the league.

On Saturday, you will play reigning national champions Olympiacos in Piraeus and another American player, Stephanie Niemer. Is it a motivation for you?

I think just playing the top team in the league is a huge motivation. They are the team everyone wants to beat. It is always nice to see and talk to other American players on the teams we play.

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