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25/02/2017 14:47
New video system to be tested at Faroese Cup Finals
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Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, February 25, 2017. A new automatic video system developed by Automatic TV is about to be tested in conjunction with the Faroese Cup Finals this weekend. This system makes it possible to create a high quality production, thus providing the many Volleyball enthusiasts across the islands with live streaming of the competition.

Niclas Joensen, Deputy Chairman of the Faroe Islands Volleyball Federation, commented: “The uniqueness of the system is that we do a TV production without us having expensive costs for people to operate the equipment. Roughly speaking, one can say that the video system replaces three camera operators and a producer. The automatic video system has five fixed cameras. They can zoom in and change camera angles, so you get a production, which is very close to professional quality.”

If the test is crowned with success, the automatic video system will be installed permanently in the sports hall in Tórshavn. It will then be possible with a single press of a button to stream Volleyball matches with a high quality, cheap production.
The system can also be used during training where video analysis of the rallies and tactics is an ideal option. The system has been developed for FC Barcelona, where it is set up on as many as five courts.

To follow the competition, here is a link to the live stream of the Faroese Cup Finals:
Women: 14:00 CET
Men: 16:30 CET

Link to the test system at 19:30 CET:

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