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22/06/2014 18:00
Norwegian Beach Volleyball players bump into track and field legend Sergey Bubka
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Oslo, Norway, June 22, 2014. You do not get every day the chance to meet a real sporting legend but a group of Norwegian Beach Volleyball players had this privilege some days ago while working out at the Olympic Centre in Oslo. Sergey Bubka, who set an unprecedented series of world records in the men’s pole vault throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s and won six straight world titles as well as Olympic gold at Seoul 1988, was in Norway’s capital city for a few days. Bubka is currently a Vice-President of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and last year ran for the IOC presidency. The Ukrainian-born legend was accompanied in Oslo by Prof. Dr. Roald Bahr, a long-time member of the FIVB Medical Commission.

As Bubka was touring the Olympic centre in Oslo, he bumped into a group of Beach Volleyball players who were busy with their daily work-out at the gym. “We were just working out and suddenly Roald, whom we know very well, showed up with some people,” says Jonas Kvalen, who is also a member of Norway’s Volleyball national team. “Roald, who is also the doctor of our Olympic team, asked us if we wanted to take a picture with Sergey. It was a very funny and strange situation since we did not really recognise him and did not quite understand what all was going on around this man!”

Kvalen, who was born in 1992, is indeed a little too young to have any memories of the man who raised men’s pole vault to standards that have remained almost unchallenged to date. “We did not know he was a living sporting legend, but of course we ended up having a picture with him,” Kvalen adds, who is portrayed on the attached picture together with his teammates Morten Kvamsdal, Lars Tveit Retterholt, and Christian Helland and of course with the man who set 35 world records and is now also the President of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee.

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