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03/05/2013 18:00
NFs get familiar with four topics to achieve internal breakthrough
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Luxembourg, May 3, 2013. The Management Seminar running this weekend in Luxembourg City with the General Secretaries of 35 national federations being in attendance was preceded by an online survey whose results were discussed by the lecturers in order to review the current structure of the national federations and the problems they have to deal with. The participants could also start getting acquainted with some basic tools whose implementation may lead their federations to that much-desired breakthrough.    

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63% of the participants, i.e. 23 out of 35 national federations, dropped their answers thereby expressing a common feeling that strategic planning could make a real difference in their work to deliver good results for the growth and development of Volleyball. On the other hand, due to time constraints and also to their internal structure, many federations still struggle to find time for this. The national federations also showed their interest in finding tools to measure the development of their organization. That said they also expressed their difficulty to systematically measure their results and performance, something that additionally confirms the peculiarity of sports organizations in comparison with corporate businesses.    
They key topic of the seminar is the achievement of a real breakthrough in the work delivered by the national federations by learning also from the experiences matured in other sports, such as track & field, soccer or even archery whose world’s governing body underwent a major re-branding to re-position itself on the market.  

The seminar touched upon four methods to improve on the quality of the daily management of national federations and to achieve a disproportional internal breakthrough: 1) strategy which means think about how to get better results with the same or even with less resources, how to get ideas people did not come up with yet so that federations inspire each other; 2) change: what can people do differently to be able to deliver different – and better – results recognizing that there is not a one-size-fits-all strategy and that each federation is different; 3) measurements: federations need to find a way to measure their performance as accurately as possible; 4) service: federations have to see their members as customers, be service-oriented rather than institutional bodies whose task is purely to govern the sport by applying a series of rules.      

Hanna Iiskola-Kesonen, who has been the General Secretary of the Finnish Volleyball Association for the past four years, summing up her feelings at the end of that session says: “I really enjoyed every single moment of this seminar and I deem it very useful. It does fit to my way of thinking and I will bring back home a lot of information, especially when it comes to the way sports organizations have been discussed in their comparison with NGOs and corporate businesses”.   

Sophie Lampl, General Secretary of the Austrian Volleyball Federation, adds: “I do think that as sports organizations we all need to professionalize our institutions and the way they function. With this seminar CEV is supporting us in making a step forward in order to achieve this goal”.      

The seminar will continue through Saturday all day long before the attendees join the gala coming up in the evening at Neumünster Abbey to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of CEV.

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