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05/12/2012 00:12
Home defeat for Askö BüroLeben LINZ-STEG against Fenerbahce ISTANBUL
2013 CEV Volleyball Cup – Women

Steyr, Austria, December 4, 2012. The home game against 2012 CEV Volleyball Champions League winners from Fenerbahce ISTANBUL was supposed to be the match of year for Askö BüroLeben LINZ-STEG.
Over 500 supporters came to the Stadthalle Steyr and ensured a good atmosphere right from the beginning. Motivated by their fans Fenerbahce ISTANBUL took the lead very early in the first set and managed to keep LINZ at distance (25-16).
Askö BüroLeben LINZ-STEG seemed to be more confident in the second set, after some good actions in the end of the first set. This fact helped LINZ make a lightning start (9:4). After two substitutions ISTANBUL found their rhythm again and achieved a great comeback to equal the score (11:11). It almost looked like ISTANBUL would pull clear again, but LINZ kept the set open till the end. When substitute player Elisabeth Klopf served a winner, earning a set point for LINZ-STEG (24:23), a major sensation was in the air. But Fenerbahce ISTANBUL kept cool, cleared the set point and converted their third opportunity to take a 2-0 lead.
Just after some points had been played in the third set, some so called supporters of ISTANBUL inflamed a smoke-bomb in the Stadthalle which had serious consequences.
After the smoke-detector was activated some lights were automatically shut off and the local fire department was alerted. That’s why the match had to be interrupted for around 30 minutes.
When the third set finally continued Fenerbahce ISTANBUL didn’t compromise and scored point after point. Askö BüroLeben LINZ-STEG tried to fight back (11:14), but couldn’t get as close as in the second set. A number of reception errors helped ISTANBUL pull away once again. After 111 minutes the match of year for Askö BüroLeben LINZ-STEG ended with a 3-0 defeat against a superior opponent.
Despite the loss LINZ head coach Jiri Siller stressed the good performance of his team in the second set. “We were close to win one set against Fenerbahce ISTANBUL. At this time we really played on a high level. Now it’s up to us to extend these good phases”.
“It was a memorable game. In the beginning we were really happy to play against such a great team and in front of a very large crowd. When the game had to be interrupted it was a little scary”, LINZ captain Valerie Teufl described her state of mind.

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