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26/04/2016 16:36
Atomic Girls help school pupils learn about road safety
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Sopot, Poland, April 26, 2016. Sport is a mission – and as a result clubs can spread out to the outside world not only their Volleyball message, but also focus on some other things which are as much important in life. After carrying out activities in a number of pre-schools, PGE Atom Trefl SOPOT organised a couple of workshops focussing on road safety, and these were specifically addressed to young pupils from local primary schools. The first one was held at the end of March, whilst the second such workshop took place one month later.

A few weeks ago the club from Sopot organised a special art contest on the theme “Be safe during your holidays”. The huge popularity of that action resulted in as many as 400 drawings being sent in in the end.

“Actually, our Marketing Department spent a lot of hours to determine which picture was the best out of those hundreds. But surely, my colleagues had a great time and this further motivated us to encourage younger and older people to think about other important matters besides Volleyball. And sometimes such actions might help save their lives,” points out Agata Benesz, the Director of the Marketing Department at PGE Atom.

However, it was not only about the contest, but in fact about the prize for the school that eventually came out on top. The club organised a workshop together with representatives of the local police department to teach the pupils how they should behave when taking the road on their way to school or back home.

“I am happy that we can set people’s sight on different topics, especially when we realise that they are so important for our kids. It is always nice for me to take part in activities like this one, because as a player I can do something more for people than just playing my favourite game. I am a tall player, so I can say that kids are very attracted by me, so they are more keen on listening to us than on somebody else for sure,” said PGE Atom Trefl SOPOT team captain Anna Miros.

Besides Miros, the workshops with school pupils were also attended by the club’s mascot, Treflinka. What’s more, the participating classes received special fluorescent jerkins to make each of their kids visible on road.

Check out the full video from that action at

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