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09/12/2013 17:19
Former weightlifting star Marc Huster turns into the voice of Volleyball for DRESDNER SC
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Dresden, Germany, December 9, 2013. Marc Huster was among Germany’s most popular athletes about a decade ago. His dramatic duels with Greece’s superstar Pyrros Dimas still stand among the most exciting actions that German people have been following on TV in the late ‘90s and at the beginning of the past decade.
Weightlifting-star Marc Huster, now 43, was a double European champion in 1999 (in clean and jerk as well as in the total), a world champion in 1998 (in clean and jerk) as well as a double Olympic silver medalist at the Centennial Games in Atlanta (1996) and four years later in Sydney.
After retiring from competitive sport, Huster has embarked on a second life as TV commentator and has since followed all European and World Weightlifting Championships for Eurosport. In 2002 he also started working for the Middeldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) and this week he will be reporting on a game scheduled for the prelims of the 2014 CEV DenizBank Volleyball Champions League starring the likes of DRESDNER SC and Russia’s Omichka OMSK REGION. He already did so some weeks ago as he commented the home fixture where DRESDNER SC played Azerbaijan’s Rabita BAKU. “I was asked this summer to start following this competition and have since been busy with Volleyball” Huster says.     

In order to be well ready to take on this task, Huster has regularly exchanged views with DRESDNER SC head coach Alexander Waibl, attended training sessions and he also got to know the players wearing the jersey of Germany’s vice champion. “I started with the game that our girls played with Rabita. We knew that our opponents were the heavy favorites going into this game but our players did a good job. The sets were very close and so it was easy for me to follow the match together with my co-commentator Kerstin Tzscherlich” he says.  

Huster also followed some more Volleyball matches on the online TV channel set up by the German Volleyball Liga so as to study the way other commentators follow the sport. “I did also follow the matches played by our national team last September at the European Championship where they won silver in the end” Huster adds. “I haven’t been following Volleyball that closely since my childhood but have been working hard for the past few weeks and months” he explains.
Huster has had a very busy time recently for his baby daughter Mira was born only two days after the match played by DRESDNER SC with Rabita BAKU. “So far everything is fine, she is cute and she sleeps a lot”. Huster has another son, Niklas, who is now 12, from a previous relationship.

Huster got involved in this job somehow by chance. After an injury prevented him from competing at the 1997 World Championships in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Huster was invited to join forces with the TV crew following the competition. After a very short time, people realized that he was not just a strong man, but he was also very talented for that job as well. “At the beginning it was not that easy especially because you have to avoid the use of too complex and technical jargon” he recalls.
However, he gradually gained a lot of respect for his informal but always very competent style. After retiring from competitive sport in 2002, Huster took up studies in sports event and marketing management; he graduated three years later and in the meantime teamed up with MDR.    

Actually after his graduation Huster changed his path once more and worked for a store selling furniture up to 2010. However, he soon realized that he wanted to share his knowledge and passion standing behind the microphone. “That business was keeping me busy all the time so I decided to focus on the moderation of sports and business events. I have attended the Saxony Sports Gala, events organized by companies or other sports competitions held in Saxony and open to young athletes” Huster says. He still co-comments European and World Weightlifting Champs for Eurosport and he also followed the Wok World Championships in 2007 and 2008. “I feel very comfortable at these events and I am happy to be able to follow up on my professional career in the sport.”

Huster also works for the “Sachsenspiegel”, a news magazine which is aired every evening on MDR since last November 24. He also comments the broadcast of “Sport im Osten”. Whoever wants to get the chance to experience his live commentary shall follow on Wednesday the streaming of the match starring DRESDNER SC and Omichka OMSK REGION that will be available on the official website of MDR.

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