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22/06/2013 22:07
Belgian ladies continue to impress, Germany their last victim
2013 CEV Volleyball European League - Women

Subotica, Serbia, June 22, 2013. In the first match of the second day of action for the Pool B tournament in Subotica, Belgium swept away Germany 3:0 (21-17, 21-17, and 21-17) to stretch their winning streak to five consecutive matches. Charlotte Leys of Belgium and Germany's Margareta Anna Kozuch topped the scorers’ chart with 12 points each. With this result Belgium sits firmly atop the tables with 14 points and five wins in as many matches.
In the first set everything was leveled all the way through the mid-section, when Belgium managed to earn a 3-point advantage at 14:11. Germany tried hard to keep up but it was of no use as the Belgian ladies easily wrapped it up at 21-17. The second set started pretty much in the same way, so at the technical time-out the scoreboard pointed out a narrow margin for Belgium (12:11). After the break, Belgium managed to get away to 16:13, and Germany’s head coach Giovanni Guidetti had to ask for a time-out. However, Belgium was steady in front, and never let it go. After setting the pace at 19:14, it was clear that they would double the lead which eventually happened at 21-17 for 2:0 in sets overall.
Belgium started well the third set and right from the start it was obvious that Gert Vande Broek’s ladies would claim yet another three points. At the technical time-out it was 12:7 to Belgium, and the distance was only getting larger, culminating at 17:11. Germany managed to cut the distance to just one point at 17:18, but after a time-out Belgium regrouped and stormed to a 21:17 for the final 3:0.
Gert Vande Broek, head coach of Belgium: “I am very satisfied and also a little bit surprised because we continued to play well in all segments of the game. I predicted that this tournament would be experimental for us with the new opposite in the line-up, but I am amazed with how the girls reacted”.
Charlotte Leys, team captain of Belgium: “It is unbelievable, we are such a young team and we are playing this well. Germany is far more experienced, but today they had problems in reception and we made the most of it. I am so happy”.
Giovanni Guidetti, head coach of Germany: “They play Volleyball at a very high level, they are fit and if you are not at 100% you do not stand a chance. There is a big difference right now between the Belgian and German team, and we have to think hard about our motivation and options in the next matches”.
Margareta Anna Kozuch, team captain of Germany: “They are a very good team, and what impresses me is that they continue to play excellent Volleyball. As for us, we often change our line-ups and we cannot find the right system of play. We have to improve a lot for the upcoming matches”.  

In the other match of the day Serbia overpowered Israel 3:0 (21-18, 24-22, and 21-15). Anna Velikiy of Israel topped the scorers’ chart with 16 points, while Maja Savic was the most efficient one for the home team with 15.
The teams were evenly matched throughout the initial stage of the first set, but Israel was slightly ahead, gaining a 2-point advantage at 3:1, and preserving it thru the technical time-out. However, after the break Serbia managed to tie the score at 12:12, and the teams played point-for-point all the way until the very end when the hosts led by Jelena Blagojevic and Ljubica Kecman wrapped it up at 21-18.
Israel were the better team for most of the second set and came very close to winning it, but the hosts, after being down 16:18, managed to turn the score in their favor at 19:18. Israel tied, but Lana Dabic’s excellent block gave the first set point to Serbia, before Jelena Blagojevic failed to convert. Then both teams struggled hard to hang on, but finally Serbia broke the tie and went two sets ahead winning the second one at 24-22 with an excellent spike killed by Adela Helic.
After being so close in the first two sets, but failing to make the most of it, the Israeli ladies could not do much more in the third set. Serbia got off to an early 4:1 lead, Arie Selinger tried with a time-out to stop that negative trend, but it was of no use as Serbia continued to dominate going up 6:1. It was a matter of routine for the home side to wrap it up, and Serbia won the third and final set at 21-15 without any major problems.
Aleksandar Vladisavljev, head coach of Serbia: “This tournament resembles to the previous one for us. We lost the first match, struggled in the second, but I think we regained confidence and we are positive ahead of the last match with Germany”.
Maja Savic, blocker in the Serbian team: “Yes, we were favorites in this match, but it was not easy. We committed a lot of errors in the first and second set, but after all we succeeded in our plan and we are looking forward to the next match”.
Arie Selinger, head coach of Israel: “Obviously, Serbia is stronger than us. So, we played well with lot of young players on the court. I am satisfied with this match”.
Moran Zur, team captain of Israel: “We were close today, but it was not enough. We have to play better in the key moments, we tend to lose our focus and we have to be better in that. However, we keep improving in each match, and today Serbia was better and deserved to win”.

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