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Launched on June 28th 2013 in Vienna, the CEV announced a campaign that highlights the positive elements of both of our disciplines of Volleyball, in today’s very fast moving and developing society.


‘Fair play. Volleyball Way.’ is an innovative campaign aimed at re-branding and re-shaping and re-enforcing the image and perception of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball across Europe as a clean & fair sport. By using the players who uphold the core values of good behaviour and respect, the CEV will work with the National Federations, clubs, and organisers across Europe to develop the campaign in the coming years.

In highlighting the unique attributes of Volleyball, the CEV confirms its commitment to social responsibility and encouraging athlete’s young and old, to continue the CEV’s aims of fair play, honesty and a clean sport. Fair play is often overused, however in both volleyball disciplines it is a very real part of the sport. Amongst the cleanest in World sport, it also has one of the best disciplinary records of all the team sports where the action is focussed on the athletic play and not the negative behaviour of those involved. At all levels the participants act as very real role models for the younger generations of Volleyballer’s.

A non-contact/non-violent sport that positively encourages the best of competitive sportsmanship, whilst pitting the skills of the teams against each other, only separated by a net. Volleyball & Beach Volleyball are sports that are played with respect and humility, whilst maintaining the passion, competitive edge and will to win.

Both disciplines of one of the World’s most successful sports offers everyone the opportunity to participate in a sport that delivers a dynamic and exciting stimulus. This campaign emphasises that volleyballer’s have a real sense of teamwork, and work together to achieve a common goal. The social responsibility demonstrated in Volleyball & Beach Volleyballs core principles are very relevant in today’s global society. Making Volleyball & Beach Volleyball a true sport for all.

Volleyball is in essence a “global language” that unites its participants across gender, age, race and abilities, whether you choose this most athletic of sports as a recreational pastime or you set out with an ambition of playing at the very highest level, the Olympic Games.

From its origins, Volleyball & latterly Beach Volleyball continue to uphold the core values that formed part of William H. Morgan’s (Volleyballs founding father) a sport that offers life time participation that holds healthy activity at its core.

  • Physical conditioning
  • Intellectual stimulus
  • Emotional stability
  • Social & Spiritual well being


Volleyball and Beach Volleyball combine to deliver today’s health conscious global population a sport that provides the key elements in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

‘Fair Play. Volleyball Way.’ is a fantastic tool that will support the CEV and its partners to continue to promote and develop Volleyball & Beach Volleyball as clean & healthy sports across Europe.

The CEV’s 55 member Federations and their clubs will be encouraged to use this campaign as a promotional and development tool to promote Volleyball & Beach Volleyball as socially acceptable sports in today’s increasingly complicated world. This summer will see the campaigns promotional activity begin at the CEV Volleyball European League Finals in July, various CEV Beach Volleyball events and the CEV European Championships in September.